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Why Is There A Difference In Price Between The Same Products Of Silica Gel?
Jun 07, 2018

Why is there a difference in price between the same products of silica gel?

Price of silicone products with little difference

1. material: silica gel product has different choice of silica gel raw material because of its characteristics. For example, the price of flame-retardant silicone, conductive silica gel and ordinary silica gel is definitely not the same.

2. structure size: the appearance of silica gel is similar and its internal structure size is different. For example, many instruments and silicone rubber buttons seem to be the same, but the structure of the back is far apart, some of which are buckled, waterproof and so on.

The most important factors are demand quantity and process requirement:

1.. Technology: the diversity of manufacturing processes for silicone products. For example, spraying radium carving, hollow screen printing, spraying silver oil, spraying PU, spraying hand feel oil and dropping glue will affect the production cost.

2. demand and mold: the number of holes in the mold of the product will affect the capacity. Only the ratio of the quantity of the demand and the number of the mold points can reduce the labor cost and improve the price ratio of the customized silicone product.