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Why Do You Need A Mobile Phone Case?
Jul 21, 2018

Mobile phone case, designed to protect the phone, designed and produced. In the mid-to-late 1990s, mobile phone cases began to prevail through the opportunity of slimming mobile phones, and the role of protecting mobile phones for aesthetic purposes.Custom Design leather mobile phone cases.jpg

Its variety is also diversified with the increase of mobile phone brand and function. It is divided into leather, silicone, cloth, hard plastic, soft plastic, cashmere and silk according to the texture, and there are straight bars according to the model. The difference between flips. Due to the limitations of the model, the applicable categories of mobile phone cases are also different. Straight machines usually use the full range of mobile phone cases, while the sliding type folding type can only choose the leather case.


1. Protect the mobile phone and protect the mobile phone from scratches on the screen or body of the mobile phone.

2, the phone set can be printed with a variety of colors, there is a beauty role!

3, the silicone sleeve can prevent the nail from being scratched and worn by the button for a long time, and has the function of protecting the screen and the button.

4, silicone protective cover has a non-slip effect.

5, Apple's mobile phone case, also has the role of enhanced signal, because some mobile phone shells and metal to form a magnetic field to interfere with the phone signal, the phone is insulated with a mobile phone case, you can enhance the signal.


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