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TPU Material Handset Shell
Jun 07, 2018

TPU material handset shell

Clear water jacket, that is, TPU shell, namely thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer (Themoplastic Urethane).

Clean water is not a concept of innovation, it is a mixture of crystal shell and silica gel sheath. It belongs to a soft, soft and moderate protective sleeve made of transparent silica gel. It is also known as clear water because it is as transparent as a crystal shell.

The malpractice of the silicone sleeve is that it uses a long time, the body and the body can not avoid "like the glue", and sometimes it has to let the cell phone "fly out of the cage", but the crystal shell is brittle and easy to collapse, which may lead to frequent replacement. Water jacket is not easy to loose, and the size of the right, can be said to have both the advantages of both silica gel sleeve and crystal shell, at the same time, in order to look beautiful, the back of the clean water is usually printed with fine pattern, no longer like a silica gel and crystal shell. It's a perfect product of protection at the moment.

Finally, it is the old saying that it is cheap and not good.