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The Function Of Silica Gel Mobile Phone Shell
Sep 02, 2018

1, silicone mobile phone sets can protect mobile phones, in order to prevent hard objects from scratching on the screen or fuselage of mobile phones.

2, the phone cover can be printed on a variety of colors, the role of beauty! Beautiful and generous.

3. Silica gel cover can prevent nails from scratching and wearing out when they touch the keys for a long time, and can protect the screen and keys.

4, the silicone sleeve has the function of skid resistance, and the handle quality is very good.

5. Apple cell phone cover, but also has the role of signal enhancement, because some mobile phone shell and metal contact after the formation of magnetic field interference with the mobile phone signal, to the phone put on insulated cell phone cover, you can enhance the signal.

6. Silica gel handset cover can play a role of shock-proof and shock-absorbing when the handset falls carelessly, and protect the handset from being knocked

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