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The Disadvantages And Advantages Of Silicone Handset
Sep 09, 2018

The advantages of a silicone handset:

Feel comfortable. This is a favorite point for most friends who like silicone cell phone shells.

It's protective. Silicone elastic good, for shock and drop have a good buffer effect, can protect the mobile phone.

Long life cycle. It is resistant to ultraviolet light, high temperature, and is not easily deformed. It can be used for a long time.

Disadvantages of silicone phone sleeves:

Poor thermal conductivity. The silicone cell phone shell is a high-density material, so his thermal conductivity is very much checked, so that in the summer when using silicone shell, it is easy to damage the mobile phone and affect the service life of the mobile phone.

It's not easy to clean. Silicone has a certain adsorption ability. When there are stolen goods adsorbed on the mobile phone shell, it becomes difficult to clean, such as: ink, paint and other dirt, and the gap is easily stuck in the main dust, so as to affect the beauty of the mobile phone.

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