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Several Problems Are Common In Silk Screen Printing Of Silica Gel Products?
Jun 07, 2018

Several problems are common in silk screen printing of silica gel products?

Screen printing process for the design of higher requirements, so in some of the silica gel key and silica gel protective sleeve will appear in the process, the product ink is more important to the screen printing process, the quality of the ink will improve the quality of the pattern, and some products in long term use of color drop, mainly for several reasons caused by production. The phenomenon of color drop appears:

1. The baking temperature is too low and the time is short after the silk screen printing, which leads to the poor wear resistance of the silk printed characters, and the characters begin to become blurred after several times of use.

2, the quality of screen printing ink is too bad, it has an impact on the surface of silicone products.

3, silica gel products surface dirty, hindering screen printing ink and silica gel adsorption, causing the character to wipe off.