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How To Look At The Silica Gel Factory And The Quality Of The Silica Gel Gasket
Jun 07, 2018


1, wear resistance: the general surface of silicone gasket is seldom rubbed off by external factors, which does not affect the appearance, text and color of the appearance. The poor quality of the general surface character is easy to drop.

2, elasticity: have good elasticity, because the high elasticity is mainly from the molecular chain of silica gel movement, so in the purchase of silicone products, the first look at the elasticity of silica gel products to judge the quality.

3. Fatigue resistance of silicone gaskets: fatigue and fatigue are the changes in the structure and properties of materials when subjected to alternating stresses (or strains). The fatigue damage is caused by fatigue failure as the fatigue process proceeds. So fatigue resistance is also a way to identify the quality of silicone products.

4, the tear strength and tensile strength of silica gel gasket: the silicone products with high tear strength are prominent in resistance to destruction, long life, and are not easily disturbed by the external environment.