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How To Choose Mobile Phone Shell? What's The Best Kind?
Aug 12, 2018

1. Don't look too fancy or soft or deformed

Today's mobile phone shell can be described as a variety of dazzling, so we choose the mobile phone to protect the mobile phone, holding comfortable, so do not be too fancy, but holding the mobile phone is not comfortable, uncomfortable.

Of course, the thicker the cell phone shell with the material, the better the impact; Silicone shells are more resistant to fall than plastic shells, and soft shells are generally more resistant to fall than hard shells.

2. Heat dissipation of silicone cell phone shell

The relatives who choose the silicone cell phone shell should pay attention to, because the silicone cell phone shell is not easy to heat, so when selecting must select the cell phone shell with holes, but the best anti-fall effect. When choosing a silicone soft shell, make sure the material is safe, otherwise it will affect your health

3. Wave edge feel good

Pick cell phone shell The best choice of cell phone shell edge has some wave shape or other shape of cell phone shell, because the mobile phone feel very good, not easy to drop the mobile phone, with this type of cell phone shell, even if the mobile phone landed, will not touch the screen.

4. Highly-protected screen phone case

With cell phone shell, sometimes the phone fell on the ground, the screen is also a pain, so if you choose the cell phone shell, it is recommended to select the prominent cell phone shell, which is to protect the screen, even if the screen hit the ground. I can't reach the ground. It's a good fallback.