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Four Methods For Cleaning Silicone Products
Jun 07, 2018

Four methods for cleaning silicone products

Silicone products are now popular with people. There are a wide range of silica gel handsets, silica gel kitchenware, silicone gifts and so on. Now, the Kotel silicone manufacturer will introduce the method of cleaning silicone products.

1. toothpaste: use toothpaste to clean the silicone sleeve, wipe it repeatedly with soft cotton cloth, and achieve the cleaning effect. Toothpaste is a very good cleaning tool.

2. rubber: rubbing with rubber can clean up the stolen goods, if your protective cover is not very serious in the case of dirt, rubbing with rubber several times, and then wash it with water, it also has a good cleaning effect.

3. clear water: rinse with clean water, wash the oil with soap and rinse clean, dry the silica gel products directly with the hot fan, and pay attention to no exposure. Silica gel is a kind of strong corrosion resistant material. Note: the frequency of cleaning should not be too frequent, otherwise the silicone sleeve will be yellowed.

4. wipe with alcohol, gently wipe with soft cotton cloth and dip in some alcohol.