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Custom Mobile Phone Case New Wind Direction-Cartoon Image Customization
Aug 19, 2018

In recent years, with the popularity of large-screen smartphones, mobile phone shells have become "popular" and "mobile phone + finished mobile phone shells" have become a standard configuration. But if you are still in this perception, then I am sorry to tell you, you out!

Today, a new mobile phone shell personality customization that can demonstrate personality has gradually become popular-photo cartoon image customization! CCTV's "Country Covenant" host Xiaodongpo just fell in love with this personalized mobile phone shell and praised it!

It is said that recently this cartoon image of the personality customized mobile phone shell has been widely circulated among consumers, has become the most popular custom mobile phone shell type of the most popular custom. The user's unified sense of use is that their own photo customization has been customized and tailor-made, and the cartoon photo image has a unique "cute" and will be in a good mood after watching. In fact, each original photo has its own life, but after the hand-painted cartoon photo image will be given a different soul! Now Daqin original this kind of personality customization has become mobile phone shell custom new direction!