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Can The Silicone Cover Protect Those Electronic Accessories?
Jun 07, 2018

Can the silicone cover protect those electronic accessories?

Silica gel covers are the category of silica gel gifts in silicone products. The silicone sleeve is widely used. It is commonly used in Mp3/Mp4 players, iPad, PDA, mobile phones, PSP, digital cameras, GPS and other popular consumer electronic products. The main role is to protect electronic products from falling and scraping; the protective cover is soft and flexible. The protection equipment, according to the thickness of the silica gel sleeve, has a certain buffer effect. If the thickness is enough, and the structure design is reasonable, the protected product can have the anti fall function (the normal use state, such as the careless slipping to the ground, can effectively avoid the damage caused by the collision between the machine and the ground) and the corresponding silica gel. We call it Mp3 silicone sleeve, Mp4 silicone sleeve, iPod silicone sleeve, PDA silicone sleeve, mobile phone silicone sleeve, PSP silicone sleeve, digital camera silicone sleeve, GPS silicone sleeve.