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Apple 6/6s/ Mobile Phone And Samsung Mobile Crystal Shell
Nov 13, 2018

Silicone rubber jacket and leather jacket have their own advantages and disadvantages. In order to achieve comprehensive protection, another kind of mobile phone protective jacket came into being. This is the crystal shell favored by women. It is made of plexiglass, its appearance is strong and solid, and its shell is crystal clear. Not only can it effectively protect mobile phones, but it also does not affect the appearance.

Apple 66s Mobile Phone And Samsung Mobile Crystal Shell

But the choice of crystal shell is also a test. Although the cost of crystal shell is not high and the process is relatively simple, some businesses can save on workmanship and materials in order to earn higher profits. First of all, the appearance of the crystal shell largely depends on the abrasive tools, good abrasive tools, the quality of the crystal shell made by the adoption of hard. The size of crystal shell made by irregular Abrasives will be deviated, some of which can not even fill mobile phones; secondly, the thickness requirements of crystal shell are stricter. Too thin or hard, it breaks easily. If it is too thick, it will affect operation. In addition, since the so-called crystal, the shell of the crystal shell must be bright, but some crystal shells are gray or even yellowing, which is another problem of Jerry work.

Crystal shell has its drawbacks, of course, because it has a certain degree of hardness with the mobile phone, so the two will inevitably produce friction, especially the corners of the mobile phone, usually the four parts of the mobile phone are the most serious wear. Shopping should be cautious. Don't be afraid of goods. Crystal shell price is not expensive, at best, tens of dollars, the price is still very affordable.


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