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TPU plastic
Jun 07, 2018

TPU plastic

The second one is because TPU is also soft, and it belongs to soft gel products like silicone. Many people don't know clearly.

The difference between silicone and TPU is not even clear to some Taobao sellers. Here is an explanation for you. TPU belongs to the plastic category, the product is made by the injection molding process, which is to melt the temperature of a grain of plastic rice, and use the barrel into the plastic mold to make the product.

Silica gel belongs to rubber, and the forming process is vulcanization molding. Silicone mold is up and down the mold, a piece of silica gel raw material cut, put in the mold, heating and pressurizing products.

General plastic products will have a glue inlet, after the product is injected well, it should be pruned, and the poor trim will affect the appearance. Silica gel has no glue inlet, but there is a circle around the edge to be repaired. If the mold is very rubbish, the rim will be more obvious.