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Cell Phone Metal Cases
Jul 21, 2018

The metal shell refers to a metal protective shell, which has the characteristics of being hard and wear-resistant. It is generally made of aluminum alloy, and the surface color is subjected to a cathodic oxidation process. Or made with a brushed process, it has a very refined appearance. But the relative cost is higher.

Classification of metal shells:

First, protective cover + multi-function panel

The metal case is sturdy and durable, giving the phone a full range of protection.

 Aluminum Cell Phone Cases.jpgFeatures: The protective cover can be attached to the surface of the ferrous metal, and the multi-function panel can be folded into a bracket to enjoy the video. In addition, the multi-function panel can be deformed into a headphone storage mode, which eliminates the trouble of winding the earphone cord.

Second, the metal mobile phone case made of pure aluminum alloy (commonly known as the metal phone frame also has the same meaning)

Third, the metal material of aluminum sheet with other materials made of metal with plastic phone case (also called plastic with aluminum phone case).


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