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3D mobile phone shell purchase
Jun 07, 2018

3D mobile phone shell purchase

Although the 3D mobile phone shell has a quality three-dimensional, but in the selection and purchase should be noted for the naked eye 3D, did not indicate the product for the naked eye 3D shell, choose and buy attention, the real 3D effect can not be seen as the same. At the same time, when the network purchase, because the 3D chassis effect can not be directly displayed in the computer plane, so the purchase needs to recognize the brand of the chassis.

Practical and aesthetic type

The practical use is easy to use and can be hung on the neck. It is simple but easy to take. The beautiful shape is interesting, such as "Piano", "lollipops type", beautifully made, emulation and bright, but the price is generally expensive, the volume is large, the practicality is weak, and it can also satisfy the young people's pursuit of fashion trend. State.