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  • Cell Phone Metal Cases
    The metal shell refers to a metal protective shell, which has the characteristics of being hard and wear-resistant. It is generally made of aluminum alloy, and the surface color is subjected to a cathodic oxidation process. Or made with a brushed process, it has a very refined appearance. But the relative cost is higher.
  • latticed shell
    Mobile latticed shells are subtypes of soft shells. They are named after their shells are full of netted holes. The design is usually relatively simple. After the rise of Iphone, many users prefer mobile phone latticed shells. There is no reason for it.
  • TPU plastic
    The second one is because TPU is also soft, and it belongs to soft gel products like silicone. Many people don't know clearly. The difference between silicone and TPU is not even clear to some Taobao sellers.
  • Gold stamping technology of folding cell phone shell
    Some people ask, do middle-aged people make mobile phone beauty? You'll know if you look at the bronzing. The new generation of mobile phone shell beauty processing technology, through the spot printing of gold stamping printers, is very simple, it is like using a common printer,
  • 3D mobile phone shell purchase
    Although the 3D mobile phone shell has a quality three-dimensional, but in the selection and purchase should be noted for the naked eye 3D, did not indicate the product for the naked eye 3D shell, choose and buy attention, the real 3D effect can not be seen as the same. At the same time, when the network purchase, because the 3D chassis effect can not be directly displayed in the computer plane, so the purchase needs to recognize the brand of the chassis.
  • About clear water shell
    Water shell is not a concept of innovation, it is a mixture of crystal shell and silica gel shell. It belongs to a soft, soft and moderate protective shell made of transparent silica gel. It is also known as clear water because it is as transparent as crystal shell. The defects of the silica gel shell are the long time to use, the body and the body unavoidable "like the glue"
  • What is a crystal shell
    Silicone shell and leather sheath have their own advantages and disadvantages. In order to achieve comprehensive protection, another mobile phone protective sleeve arises at the historic moment. This is the crystal shell that is favored by women. It is made of plexiglass, its appearance is strong and solid, and its shell is crystal clear. Not only can it effectively protect mobile phones, but it also does not affect the appearance. But the selection of crystal shell is also a test. Although the cost of the crystal shell is not high and the process is relatively simple
  • What is a leather suit
    Leather covers are also popular in all kinds of mobile phone protective covers. As opposed to a single style silicone suit, business personages in the workplace prefer to use a generous and decent leather suit. Unlike young people who advocate leisure, it is bad for them to take a single cell phone with a single appearance. With the same silicone sleeve, the handset is also divided into two types. One is a popular leather suit for many years, and the suitable type is more common. The other is a portable leather jacket that can be put in a pocket
  • About silica gel shell
    Silicone shell is the most well-known type of mobile phone protection shell. Its texture is soft and its handle is slippery. The market has been popular for many years. The market share has always been in the lead from the development of rough goods to well-developed individual brands. Because of its excellent cost performance
  • The specific function of the cell phone shell
    1, protect mobile phones to prevent scratches on hard screen or fuselage. 2, all kinds of patterns on DIY can be used on the mobile phone shell, which has the functions of beauty and fashion.
  • The development history of cell phone shell
    With the rapid development of science and technology, the beauty of science and technology industry is emerging as a new industry.
  • What is a cell phone shell
    With the rapid development of science and technology, the beauty of science and technology is emerging as a new industry. The fashion IT brand develops with the diversification of the market. The mobile phone protection shell is divided into PC shell, leather, silica gel, cloth, hard plastic, leather, metal toughened glass shell, soft plastic, velvet, silk, etc. The mobile phone protection shell is not only used as an ornament to make your mobile phone a landscape, but also protect your cell phone from falling, scratch, waterproof and shockproof.